As a matter of fact, behind every successful business lies a great product and spectacular marketing efforts. Driver delivery apps are no exception. These apps allow you to get your hands on your favorite food without having to step outside your home/office. Recent years have witnessed a significant surge in these food delivery driver apps. Over 1 and a half billion dollars were spent in 2015 only in this industry. The secret behind the success lies in these app’s ability to meet the most heartfelt desire of the modern era i.e. to save time and effort by providing an easy solution that is accessible through smartphones.

Since the industry is thriving, competition is fierce. To compete successfully as a food delivery driver app, the marketing strategy must be workable and proactively designed to be able to cater a large segment of the market. Let’s have a look at some of the important mobile marketing lessons from the best food delivery apps.

  1. Just Eat

Operating in 13 countries worldwide, including Canada, UK, Brazil, Spain, etc. The software comprises of varied menu offered by restaurants. The user orders via this app, the restaurant receives it and prepares the food and finally, the delivery person ensures the food is delivered hot and fresh.


  • The app works with a business focus by managing 1 of the 3 activities. The key is to focus on the thing which you do best and make it your competitive edge.
  • The app makes it easy for the user to choose because of the instant availability of customer reviews.
  1. Seamless

This app operates in the U.S. with over 7,000 active restaurants within the app.


  • The app offers enticing discounts on first orders as well as gives frequent promotional offers.
  • The app’s interface and process are very smooth and simple. To operate as the best driver delivery app, include an intuitive path and allow users to save data for next time.
  1. Maple

This app not just connects customers with restaurants but also takes care of the food preparation. This is done by combining New York’s top chefs, high-quality ingredients and different menus every day.


  • Thinking out of the box is key to success.
  1. Deliveroo

The app works in almost 12 countries and more than 68 cities. It handles both aspects i.e. ordering phase and delivery.


  • When Deliveroo enters a new city, it is impossible to not know about it. It’s Kangaroo (the logo) can be seen everywhere from billboards, posters, and flyers. This is an important lesson to market your brand using traditional means as well as innovative digital mediums.

For a food delivery business to stand out, excellent marketing strategy must be used to make your mark in this competitive market. There are many options for the customer to choose from. With proactively designed kickass strategies, ensure that you attract the customer segment and reach out to them so that they choose you over competitors.