5 Reasons Why Content Is Still King In 2018

Every brand strive to reach maximum number of customers, and it is no hidden truth the customers these days spend most of their time on internet. Once you are done with setting up your paid marketing campaign, it is now the time to focus on digital marketing strategy for 2018. Content marketing has ruled over the internet for many years and is still known as one of the most prominent tools of SEO and SEM and is greatly supported by digital marketing agencies in NYC.

Here we have created a list of 5 reasons why content continues to be the king of digital marketing.

Content speaks directly to the customers

No one can understand the importance of a good content than a digital marketing expert or a digital marketing company. A good Content is known as the backbone of digital marketing—whether it is SEO marketing or SEM marketing. It offers an opportunity to interact with the customers and create brand awareness. For instance, if you own a carpet company and you publish a series of videos to demonstrate how to replace any boring plain floor with your carpet, then definitely your customers will see your content and contact you to buy the product (carpet).

Content creates consumer loyalty

We all know a good digital marketing content has the power to engage audience and build trustworthiness.  A sound content is a great way  to reach the right audience. It helps them to make decision whether to buy from you. Your customers who regularly read the content posted by you are more likely to feel a personal and close connection to your brand. On the other side, digital marketing blogs help you connect with your customers on social and current issues.

Content creates thought leadership

Digital marketing companies and digital marketing specialists believe that content marketing can be an essential element to create thought leadership, specifically when blogs, videos, or other content starts to dominate search engine results. You may even be asked to speak at awareness programs and conferences due to the issues or topics you highlighted in your content.  A top SEO consultant, Neil Patel also believes that by creating great content you can become a thought Leader .. Therefore, an engaging content is not merely limited to the growth of your business but it also creates a positive image of publisher in the eyes of users.

Content helps in selling product/service

According to a survey conducted by top digital marketing agencies, 70% of customers like to receive information from blogs and articles, rather than advertisements. Your content can serve as the most effective tool for selling your product/service. Customers tend to look out for services or products they want to buy by typing keywords on search engines and a sound content can rank you higher on search engines, helping you meet more customers.

Content helps in opening a dialogue

When any local SEO services provider reach out for Guest Blogging, and put content on those websites, he has more chances to meet larger number of audience. Make sure that you handle your content carefully, for your content provides an opportunity to initiate conversation with your customers. Your customers may post comment on your blogs or share them on social media. You can also gain insights from their comments and even ask them to give feedback on your services or products.