Back to basics: How Does Facebook Marketing Work?

Are you new to the world of Facebook marketing? Look no further. Here is your introductory guide to the world of Facebook campaigns.

Facebook users

Starting with the basics, Facebook has a massive user base being most popular amongst 18-24-year-olds, followed by 24-34-year-olds, and so on.
Unlike other social media, Facebook is not specific to just the younger generation or location. There is enough of every age group present to create a sufficient market for your product.

Read these Facebook location demographics:

  • 81% of the urban population
  • 77% of suburban population
  • 81% of the rural population


How you can market to these people

Next up, let’s dive into the ways you can market on this platform:

  • Pages

As a business, you can make a Facebook page to establish a more permanent presence on the platform. These are somewhat similar to user profiles, except people can like and follow your page to remain updated on what you post.

A few key distinctions of Facebook pages include, anyone can like your page, there’s no number restriction of people who like your page, and no prior mutual relationship or such is required. These pages are free to make.

You can put up contact information, photos, about us, and post content on your wall to interact with users.

  • Groups

Facebook groups can be created, either private or public, to market your product. Though these are mostly used as a discussion forum by people with similar interests, groups can be used to advertise your product to a few select people.


  • Ad

This is by far the most sales centered option. Facebook ads are a hooting success because Facebook has a lot of information on its users. Thus, it provides them only the most relevant content.

The type of paid social ads you want to put up can vary depending on your goal and the options available. For example, you can create an ad to direct people to your page/site to either display your product or ask for a signup.
In a nutshell, your ad can be designed to bring in people at any stage of the sales funnel.

Perhaps, the biggest advantage of opting for a Facebook ad is its pinpointed targeting. As we said earlier, Facebook has access to a colossal amount of data. This gives the platform an unparalleled edge over others for providing insights into consumer behavior.

These insights are shared by Facebook with its advertisers who can use it to target even the most specific groups of people and drive results.

Another noteworthy thing for marketers is ad designs for this platform are highly customizable. In fact, to work your ad will have to be personalized enough to generate a need for your product.

Lastly, a bit of advice: launching your first ever Facebook ad campaign can be tough. A good idea would be to hire a Facebook agency to generate best results.