Creating A Lucrative Email Marketing Campaign For Your Business

Data Marketing Association  stats say email has the highest conversion rates, about 66%, when compared to social media and other marketing mediums. With a ROI of 3800%, it is quite obvious email marketing has become more lucrative than ever.

Though profitable, email marketing campaigns can be elusive for many. With continuous shifting consumer paradigms and behaviors due to the ever improving technology, keeping up becomes strenuous and effortful – but imperative at the same time.

What programs must you kick up a notch or two? And what must be taken down entirely?

We can help. This list has all the important pointers you need to create a lucrative email marketing campaign:

  1. Personalization

One of the key findings of survey conducted by Econsultancy was 90% of agencies agree personalization is the tipping point and critical to success both now and in the future. The reason behind this overwhelming agreement is obvious – personalized content is more relevant. Irrelevant and “one size fits all” emails are ignored, or worse sent to the spam folder.

  1. Triggered emails

While we are on the topic of email relevancy, triggered or automated emails are another way to personalize. These are received by the recipients when they are most likely to be interested in them, unlike generic mass emails. Consequently, they have the greater chances of being viewed. Their ROI is also abundant.

  1. Re-engagement campaigns

No one likes losing hard earned subscribers. Setting in motion always wins back and re-engagement campaigns are worth a shot. Try different tactics like a “we miss you” subject line or a new exciting offer to revive the dead leads. When planning a re-engagement campaign, be careful though. You do not want to badger the subscriber.

  1. Eliminating the inactive

Sometimes, re-engagement campaigns don’t work. You have to determine when to stop trying to win back the subscriber. This timeframe may be anywhere from up to 90 days to six months; it all depends on what your company is about.

When you decide it is the time, eliminate the deadweights. This is especially important because when too many of your emails will not be opened, ISPs may block you and sabotage your sender reputation.

  1. Email address verification

An email marketing campaign that does not focus on email verification is set for losses. Employing an email verification service will remove all invalid or bad emails. It will also detect spam traps, catch-all, and other email types that can be bad for your campaign. You do not want to put in so much effort in your email marketing campaign only to send it to addresses that will never view them.

So are you ready to be an email marketing guru?